Margaret is more than just a massage therapist, she is a lover of animals and embraces the love between the animals and their people. She understands love. She understands compassion. She recognizes tenacity, the will to get better and stronger, she nurtures during the moments our babies need to be nurtured. She is at one with our babies when she is with them. My Mia suffered a severe spinal cord injury 2 years ago. This injury left her completely paralyzed. Our recovery required time. Time to heal. Time for swelling to subside. Time to love, bond, and seek every option available at any cost for Princess Mia. During this time of research, we luckily found massage therapy and Margaret.

Combined with cold laser therapy, acupuncture, hydro therapy, physical therapy and strength building exercises, massage therapy rounded out the cadence of help we had lined up for our girl.

There were no guarantees. She may never walk. She may not be able to control her bladder or bowels. We had no idea if there would be any improvement or if that improvement would be enough to give her a good quality of life.

Thank God, All therapies have helped. All therapies have played a big role in Mia’s recovery but the one she enjoys the most and the therapist she can’t wait to see each week: Margaret.   They are true BFF and Mia works hard for her. Mia continues to get stronger, have more stability when she walks and get back to her normal life of being a princess.

Thank you Margaret for bringing our princess Mia back on her feet……. and for including Kirby in all her sessions!!!

So much love from us to you,

Mike, Lisa, Kirby and Mia

While our dog Lucy is normally relaxed and very cuddly, she gets skittish around new people and new experiences. Margaret’s massages have reduced these issues. We can take her on longer walks and she is quicker to warm up to strangers. Margaret is a true professional, and she provides detailed reports after each session. Lucy loves her massages so much that she sometimes pops up in the middle and gives Margaret kisses!

Dave Simanoff and Britt Shirley

Love Margaret! She keeps my beloved dogs Sky and Soldier going with massage! Sky is still going strong with her disease (hip dysplasia)

Patricia Higgins

In June 2014, one of my cats became paralyzed in his hind legs because of a blood clot. Both he and I were in a panic because, none of the vets we saw were optimistic about his recovery. I was new to the Gulf Coast of Florida area and had no pet medical network like the one I had built in my previous hometown. A Google search brought me to Healing Effects and I called and found a kind and reassuring voice on the other end of the line. After months of massage therapy done in my home or at my vet’s office by Healing Effects, not only did I feel supported through Margaret’s efforts, but my cat can now run, climb, and jump with no hint of disability. Her low-keyed approach toward a frightened and skittish cat made me realize how connected she is with animals and how determined she was to help us as much as she could. She was truly a lifesaver.

Pam Freni

Margaret has treated my dogs for over 1 year. I have a 6 year old Shepherd, 11 year old Poodle and had a 15 year old Shepherd. Margaret truly has a gift with the dogs she treats. When my dog couldn’t walk on her back legs anymore she suggested a wrap for her which helped her to walk and use her hind legs. She has referred me to several useful websites over the year. She is prompt, reliable and trustworthy. Now, she is working with our 3 month old new puppy, Heidi.

Beth Gerley

Margaret is a wonderful, caring person and a very skilled professional animal massage therapist. Her massage therapy sessions along with veterinary care played an integral role in the rehabilitation of my two shelter rescue dogs. Both deemed “un-adoptable” and in need of hospice care responded miraculously to her massage techniques. My dogs just love Margaret- we are very lucky to have met her. Now that all the serious medical issues have resolved, we will continue to treat with her for relaxation and the overall well being of my fur babies.

Tracey Ballard, Sasha & Buddy