Client Testimonial from Lisa Carter

Posted on June 10, 2017

Margaret is more than just a massage therapist, she is a lover of animals and embraces the love between the animals and their people. She understands love. She understands compassion. She recognizes tenacity, the will to get better and stronger, she nurtures during the moments our babies need to be nurtured. She is at one with our babies when she is with them. My Mia suffered a severe spinal cord injury 2 years ago. This injury left her completely paralyzed. Our recovery required time. Time to heal. Time for swelling to subside. Time to love, bond, and seek every option available at any cost for Princess Mia. During this time of research, we luckily found massage therapy and Margaret.

Combined with cold laser therapy, acupuncture, hydro therapy, physical therapy and strength building exercises, massage therapy rounded out the cadence of help we had lined up for our girl.

There were no guarantees. She may never walk. She may not be able to control her bladder or bowels. We had no idea if there would be any improvement or if that improvement would be enough to give her a good quality of life.

Thank God, All therapies have helped. All therapies have played a big role in Mia’s recovery but the one she enjoys the most and the therapist she can’t wait to see each week: Margaret.   They are true BFF and Mia works hard for her. Mia continues to get stronger, have more stability when she walks and get back to her normal life of being a princess.

Thank you Margaret for bringing our princess Mia back on her feet……. and for including Kirby in all her sessions!!!

So much love from us to you,

Mike, Lisa, Kirby and Mia